Refund & Return Policy

For better relationship with our dear customers and to make purchasing flexible for them we also offer returns and refunds in case of any serious issues with the product. In order to be well aware of our refund and return policies kindly go through the points mentioned herein which unmistakably insure all aspects of our refund and return policy:

  • Products such as gifts baskets, chocolates and cookie boxes can be returned only if they are not exactly the ones you ordered.
  • Dresses and shoes can be returned and replaced with the right sizes if and whenever possible. 
  • Refund will be given only after the product returned has been verified closely for any issue that you have highlighted.
  • Once you have returned the product and it has been verified and sent for refund claim it will take about 15 to 25 days to give you your cash back.
  • Our customer services representative will speak to you once we have received the return/refund claim and will guide you through the process.
  • You will receive an e-mail stating your exchange or refund date. Do not trust oral communication and make sure you have a proper e-mail sent to you via the e-mail address mentioned on our contact us page. (For reference: you should be receiving e-mails from
  • Some of the products in any gift basket/box can be exchanged and such exchanges can take up to 3 working days and you cannot exchange any product more than once.
  • Cakes cannot be returned unless they are not fresh or there is something seriously wrong with the taste as we do not personally stock them.
  • The return will only be accepted if it is in the original packing and exactly as it was delivered to you.
  • You surely can return the product immediately to the delivery boy if the packing has been destroyed and it has reached you in a very shabby condition. You can take pictures on the spot and mail them to us so that we can properly communicate with the delivery companies.
  • In order to claim your refund you will have to keep the order and the confirmation number saved that has been e-mailed to you when you confirmed your purchase. You might have to forward the same e-mail back to us for processing of the refund.
  • You can only return the products within 24 hours along with the invoice on the address mentioned on our contact us page.
  • Keep track of your return shipment as we won’t be responsible for tracking your return.
  • You can also speak to us on the following numbers before sending your product back to us for return and refund: +923214809481 / +923049683350