Privacy Policy

“When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.”David Brin

But at Shoppe Me we take into account the former as well as the later. We take good care of both and give no chance of complaint to any of our customers. We completely understand the privacy concerns of our dear customers and try our best to gather only the required information and keep it as private as we possibly can. Protection of your privacy is our top concern and we only take information that you on your own accord provide us in order to get your products delivered to the right destinations. There are some key rulings that are listed below in order to make you well aware of Shoppe Me Privacy Policy. The information that we may collect from our customers include:

  • Name (To communicate and to let the receiver know who sent the gift)
  • Sender Address (For any returns)
  • Receiver Address (For delivering)
  • Telephone Number of Sender (Optional,  usually required for any communications to be done with the sender)
  • Telephone Number of Receiver (Optional, usually required for guidance on address)
  • E-mail Address (To send the confirmation of gift purchased, delivered or returned)
  • Credit Card Information (For processing the payment)
  • Date of Birth (Optional)
  • Gender (Optional)
  • Some other information if and when required
In order to provide our customers with the best possible services we sometimes also gather non-personally identifiable information such as your Operating System, Browser Software or IP address but that rarely happens. This information is by no means used to identify or locate you.

The information collected from you is used to confirm, track and process your order in the right manner. This information can also be used for subscription to our website, online registration or in order to use for sending newsletters introducing new products and services in future. (You will have the option of not receiving any newsletters).

We use third parties to process the payments and to receive supplies of your chosen items but we do not by any mean hand over your personal information to any of these third parties. There is only one third-party that we hand over your personal information to and they are the delivery companies who are responsible for shipping the purchased items/gifts to the right destinations. (For more details on shipping, go through our shipping policy on this website). 

*If you do not want to hand over the information to delivery companies you can also pick your purchased items/gifts from our office.*

In order to make online domestic & international gift ordering and delivery safe and secure your personal information is protected through encryption software before sending it over to the internet. This keeps your entire personal information safe inside it while visiting pages that require details such as your e-mail, credit card information and or shipping address.

For more information contact at the following numbers: