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Exercise Mat in Pakistan

3mm yoga mat produced using non-Amazon-reaped elastic

Most strong, yoga mat accessible today ,?Shoppe-me Pakistan

Free of oil-based items, harmful materials, frothing operators, PVC, and poisonous plasticizers.

Created more than 3 years by yoga educators

Measures 68 crawls in length and 24 creeps wide; fragrance free after break-in period .?Shoppe-me

6mm yoga mat produced using non-Amazon-collected elastic

Exercise Mats in Pakistan , Most sturdy, yoga mat accessible today

Free of oil-based items, poisonous materials, frothing specialists, PVC, and lethal plasticizers.?Shoppe-me Pakistan

Created more than 3 years by yoga instructors

Measures 68 creeps in length and 24 crawls wide; aroma free after break-in period ,?Shoppe-me?

Made of PVC material (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate);

Standard size: 24X68inch,

Thickness: 6mm.?Shoppe-me Products

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